Here I will post my Outlaws endeavours. Outlaws is a superb shooter in the vein of Duke Nukem 3D and Doom, released in 1997. It uses the engine from Dark Forces. What makes this game special is the setting - Wild West. Most games set in a scenery ripped out of a Sergio Leone movie are crap, and Outlaws is one of maybe three notable exceptions. The gameplay is good, and the nice music is clearly inspired by Ennio Morricone's scores. Speaking of Sergio Leone, the game is full of references to the Man With No Name trilogy, with even the difficulties named subtly: Good (Easy), Bad (Normal), Ugly (Hard)...

I am running this game on the hardest possible difficulty, The Ugly, because I love the challenge. Two hits usually mean death, and enemies usually hit their target, which makes this difficulty a runner's nightmare (particularily combined with the kinda random weapon damage and general 'inadequateness of accuracy' of the weapons).

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24.12.09 Christmas bonus
Here's a rough sketch of my plan for level 3 (I failed here and it's just to show what I have in mind): catch!
24.12.09 Boosts vid, vol 4: civ boost to i
Why stop at 2 civilians? The prison has a supply of several civilians. Here's what can happen if you use the boost on them - I believe I can fly!
24.12.09 Boosts vid, vol 3: civ boost squared
Of course, you can multiply the damage dealt to you by getting many civilians at once, so let's square the boost and use a dynamite stick.
24.12.09 Boosts vid, vol 2: civ boost
One peculiarity of this game: if you shoot a civilian, you get 'hit' for a certain damage as if someone shot you in the back. This can be utilized for a boost.
24.12.09 Boosts vid, vol 1
Shows what dynamite boosts can do, even on The Ugly. Particularly awesome is the first boost, you'll see: here.
24.12.09 Level 2
This one done today. Not really satisfied with the first half, but trust me: it's hell to finish on Ugly. Anyway, 2 segments again, 2:10.683.
24.12.09 Level 1
This one is done a long time ago. Check out level 1 in 2 segments, total time 1:13.500: here.
24.12.09 Outlaws section started
Will post my Outlaws progress on The Ugly here.

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