Herein I will document my Deus Ex progress. DX (that's the official acronym) doesn't really require any introduction, it's one of the most successful and most acclaimed games in history. A mix of RPG and FPS, it throws you into a scenario with literally every possible conspiracy theory the designers could think of. Surprisingly, it makes sense, and due to the plethora of things the player can do it also is damn fun. If you haven't played it yet, you should. It might be the best game ever. At least I think so. And even if it isn't, it's definitely up there. The gameplay is refined, and the game makes you want to replay it taking a different path... and once more... and again... and again, this time with 'house rules'...

Worth noting: I hold the current record, clocking in at 43 minutes and 20 seconds on the highest difficulty (Realistic), check the SDA page for details.

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06.04.10 Segment 9 Done!
FUCK YEAH! I finally got a try of segment 9 I think is worthy of keeping. I've improved the old run by almost 12 seconds on this one!

Now excuse me, I have the urge to dance.
22.11.09 Segment 8 and 9
Segment 8 is done. I have improved it tremendously, by over 7 seconds. Which is a really huge improvement, I tell you. Now, I've made a minor mistake at the button at the end, but considering the sheer difficulty of the segment I let it slide. And if you want to accuse me of not trying hard enough - you're welcome. I'll just say that I tried to beat it about 600 times after getting the current run. I didn't even get a successful finish in those 600 tries.

So anyway, segment 8 is done and I also did a few tries of segment 9 (Airfield), and I already improved by over 7 seconds, as well. This one is definitely NOT final. Check the tables for times, as usual.
28.07.09 Segment 7
Got 1:01.783. Almost assuredly final.
02.07.09 Segment 7 stuff
I found a new timesaver and improved myself by 0.2 more seconds. Definitely not final.
29.06.09 Segment 7 in progress
Did a bit of running on Segment 7, improved my old time by over 2.5 seconds, check the table. I doubt that is final.
29.06.09 Segment 6 Done!
Segment 6 is done. I improved myself by over 9 seconds on this segment (check the table). Video! You can see what is probably the silliest cut ever ;).
27.06.09 Deus Ex section started
Gonna report my progress here. 5 segments done so far, with the sixth almost ready. I had to code javascript to make the hide/unhide table :(.

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