05.07.09 Oh yeah
If you want some wallpaper in a larger size than the biggest I provide, give me a slap on IRC and I'll try to search around for something bigger. Likewise, if you don't know how to resize a pic properly, you can slap me as well if you want a smaller size of some particular wall.
05.07.09 Walls
Two new walls added, some spacy and nature goodness. You'll see mainly three types of pics: space, fractal, nature. Don't say I didn't warn you.
04.07.09 The humble beginnings
I started the wallpaper repository. Only two wallpapers so far since I wanted to test my code first. I'll probably be adding some more features for a while, then start adding more wallpapers. Fittingly, the first wallpaper I added is the awesome pic of a volcano eruption in Chile. Also one pic courtesy of Nahk.
02.07.09 More stuff...
...nobody cares about. This time I added automatic table generation, so that I won't have to edit tables by hand, I just stick the times in a properly formatted file and every calculation is done by the server. Of course, this throws a little bit of processing time down the drain, so right now the DX page will take about 0.0008s to process in normal conditions. Also there will be minimal rounding errors, of a magnitude of 0.001s per 5 segments, I'd say. Speaking of which, a little info on the DX page!
02.07.09 Oh yeah
Almost forgot. BoltR whined that the table on the DX page needed an exception in NoScript (a Firefox extension, incidentally get Firefox! Link in the links section). Right now it doesn't - praise the noscript tag! The table will be shown by default on noscript browsers, and the hide/unhide link won't work. It'll work the proper way if you have javascript enabled.
02.07.09 Things
Added a few features to the script running this site. Namely, autopaging of 'news' pages I specify. You'll be able to see after I update a little bit of some of the sections, like Deus Ex. It also makes my life easier, since news pages are in a very nice format.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out how I went with making the site good performance wise. You'll notice that if the server isn't under load and isn't dormant at the time, the loading of any of the pages will not exceed 0.0005. I estimate it will not exceed 0.001 even if the news file of the set part of the site will be over a hundred news items long. Which I think is pretty good. ;)

Unfortunately, the site performance is dependant on the current server load, or indeed the fact of being 'dormant' at the time. So, the mileage may vary, but if you get a high processing time, refresh to see if it does go as low as I told you ;).

...of course, nobody cares about this. *goes cry in the corner*
27.06.09 Deus Ex section added
Basic info about my Deus Ex run added, also added SSDQ to the links.
27.06.09 Website started
Started the website, gonna make a wallpaper repository soon.
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