Here I will document my adventures with various esoteric languages. What are esoteric languages? Languages designed to be hardly usable, that have some peculiar qualities that make coding in them unique etc. I also include perl despite it being insanely useful ;).


BTW, my contact e-mail ( in perl )

length q caller lc and print chr ord qw q do q and 
print chr ord q ne sin and print chr ord q qx eq 
and print chr oct ord qw q die q and print chr ord 
qw q s q and print chr ord q open no and print chr 
ord q ne sin and print chr ord q ne sin and print 
chr ord qw q do q and print chr ord qw q die q and 
print chr ord q ge log and print chr ord q rmdir 
and print chr ord q xor x and print chr ord qw q s 
q and print chr ord q each ne and print chr ord q 
or no and print chr ord q lc eval and print chr ord 
q chr lc and print chr ord q tie lt and print chr 
ord q eval ge and print chr ord q ref or and print 
chr oct oct ord uc qw q for q and print chr ord q 
oct no and print chr ord q local and print chr ord 
q rmdir 
18.02.10 print scalar reverse "!dlrow olleH"
I was bored today and made something that could actually be called a forum/mail siggy! Exactly 4 lines 76 characters each, it prints my name and e-mail address through some obfuscated magic; AND it advertises SDA in its obfuscated form! Check here. It uses a bunch of weird constructs (though it's not really obfuscated to hell, but it still looks cool). Oh, should work on modern perl installs; and it actually prints 3 warnings when used with -w. Two of them I can EASILY repair (they're connected), though not the way the warning says. The // in join actually works as a m// (join doesn't take a pattern, just an expression), which would try to use $_, except that's not initialised (last warning is about that). Nevertheless, // evaluates to 1 and that is used as the joining character (pretty clever, no? Now you know why I didn't want to fix that - done easily by changing // to "1"). The last warning is about a bitwise and, and honestly, I can't really find what exactly it could mean :). So there you go.
29.07.09 25*"!dlrow olleH">:#,_@
Added a Befunge page.
28.07.09 $_="!dlrow olleH";print$1while s/(.)$//
By the way, the text overhead (contact info) is an obfuscated version in a randomly chosen language. I'll be adding a few of those.
...and yes, the titles will always be Hello worlds.
28.07.09 Hello world!
Started this page. I will document some funny esoteric languages here in the future :).

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