25.04.11 SeriousBot source code
I released the SeriousBot code. Not for the faint of heart.
24.12.09 A bunch of things
Shooting Game Tournament 2009 ended already, you can still check out the final results with my program. Team Sweet Tacos landed the second spot. Also, I did some progress in Deus Ex. And I started the page for Outlaws today. A server move happened a couple days ago, and the processing speed is finally stable and at no worse than 0.0015. Also, Merry Christmas.
30.08.09 STGT 09
Shooting Game Tournament 2009 starts soon. Seeing as I'm in charge of making the scoreboard handling progs, I took the opportunity and also added a dynamic results page. Yes, that will show you the rankings based on the current scoreboard update. Yes, it's awesome. Though right now I still need to add the players signed up for it to display that part properly but that's a breeze. Also, TheVoid might find it interesting that IMAfunGE is slowly going into prototype phase (very slowly).
29.07.09 Esolang: Befunge
Added a section on Befunge in the esoteric language section.
29.07.09 Esolang
I added an esoteric language section.
28.07.09 Deus Ex
Managed to get what I think is the final for Segment 7. Check the DX page for the time.
09.07.09 Walls!
Added a few walls. I'd like to highlight mister Blatte. He is the author of two out of the walls I added and he's also fucking badass. You'll be seeing a bunch of walls from him. Additionally to the few sizes I give here, Blatte has an assortment of sizes for the whole family on his site - anything from 800x600 to 2560x1600. I'll provide a source link to every wallpaper of his I add here. If you want more sizes, follow that link, press 'Background', then find the wall in the gallery. Also, you need to go to the Terms of Use to get a temporary pass (anti-bandwidth-hogging measures). Since this is a bit complicated, I'll be providing more sizes directly than I did with the sourced Hubblesite walls, for example. Visit Blatte anyway, though. It's really worth it.
08.07.09 Walls
Added a total of 11 wallpapers to the repository. Mostly Hubblesite stuff. Why don't I just link to all the galleries and be done with it? Well, the pics from hubblesite are very good, but many of them are really crap quality at large magnifications (example). I want to point out the sharper, top-of-the-crop walls from that site.
07.07.09 More repo stuff
Added the category filtering and sorting by name. Categories are largely subjective, and by largely I mean totally. Don't be surprised to see some wallpapers you'd classify as 'medium' in the bright section. Oh, and the 'people' category will probably be pretty unpopulated, quite contrary to its name. I just don't have wallpapers with people on them... or actually, I have one. But besides that, nada. Just not my idea of a good wallpaper, really. I'm adding the category anyway in case I find something that people might like and upload it, though.
07.07.09 Repo stuff
I added a few features to the repository. You can sort by newest/oldest, it pages automatically, you can specify the number of results per page, you can filter results by resolution. Gonna add 'type of wallpaper' and maybe 'aspect ratio' later.
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